About the Chamber

stronger business together

About the Chamber

stronger business together

stronger business together

Stronger business together: it’s the creed that drives everything we do.  Our Chamber is a voluntary, Member-driven organization of individuals and businesses working together to advance the commercial, financial, and civic interests of our community. Whether we’re pooling resources to offer Member learning opportunities, raising our voices together on a policy issue or facilitating connections between members of our business community, we know that businesses that work together are stronger.

Chamber programs and services are designed around the 3 pillars of our strategic plan:


Be heard where it matters, when it matters most. As a Member of the Chamber, you’ve got a voice in the forum that provides leadership to the region. We represent a large community of stakeholder businesses, and we look to you to advise us as we develop the “Chamber position” on issues that affect our Member businesses and the economy that drives our community.  Read the latest advocacy news here.


We’re dedicated to fostering relationships – between members, between business and community, between business and government, and more. Through social gatherings, educational events, trade shows, conferences and our powerful Members-only interactive online platform we create opportunities for Members to engage.  Visit the event calendar.


Discover tools for professional development, staff training, savings and business growth. Explore events and learning resources designed to stimulate new ideas, teach new skills and introduce you to subject-matter experts among our Membership and partners.  Take advantage of business-level discounts designed to cut back your bottom line. Learn how to maximize your Membership here.

Mission Statement

Together, we are the catalyst for a stronger business community

Our Vision

We position business to grow and prosper together

Our Values

The Chamber will:
• Act with honesty, trust & integrity
• Keep our Members’ interests first
• Be non-partisan and transparent
• Behave in a fiscally responsible manner
• Embrace diversity and inclusion

The Chamber demonstrates our values through the decisions we make and actions we take. Embracing diversity and inclusion is an essential ingredient for a successful and vibrant community.

The Chamber is an advocate for freedom of speech as a fundamental right that allows individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions without fear of censorship or retaliation. It is essential for a vibrant and democratic society. However, with this freedom comes responsibility. We believe that hate speech, which targets and harms marginalized communities, has no place in civil discourse. The Chamber will champion free expression while actively promoting empathy, understanding, and respect.

A Little History

Much like Thunder Bay itself, the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce began as two entities which later joined together.  The Port Arthur Board of Trade was established in 1885 and in 1891 the Fort William Chamber of Commerce opened its doors.  The two organizations amalgamated in 1965 to become the Lakehead Chamber of Commerce; five years later, in 1970, it was renamed The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.

The Lakehead Chamber of Commerce, of the Cities of Port Arthur and Fort William were registered with the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada in Ottawa on December 22, 1964 under the Boards of Trade Act, Chapter 18, R.S.C. 1952.  The original Certificate of Formation and Memorandum of Agreement is entered on Film 163, Document 231.

The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce was incorporated on August 7, 1979.  The Ontario Corporation number is 422405.