The Chamber Charity Connect Program

supporting charities working to better our community

The Chamber Charity Connect Program

supporting charities working to better our community

The Charity Connect program has four aspects designed to help us support community good works by promoting the activities of our Member charities, engaging more people in volunteerism and bringing people together to raise funds for Member charities.

Upcoming Charity Member Events

Volunteer Opportunities

Our community programs connect businesses together with Thunder Bay's hard-working charities.

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Match-Making Service

Charities engage in a variety of activities and promotions throughout the year in pursuit of their goals. Like for-profit organizations they’re subject to human resources issues, capital expenses, operational expenses and legislative challenges and their immediate needs can change from week to week. They also engage in special projects from time to time which may require support and funding outside their regular activities.  In order to maintain up to date information about charity Members, we’ll be performing ongoing quarterly interviews with them and looking for opportunities to match their needs with our business Members’ capacities.

At the same time, business Members looking to expand their relationships with Thunder Bay’s charities and perform more community good works can schedule intake interviews with Chamber staff.  Through these interviews we’ll gather information about our business Members’ capacities and areas of interest.  Participating business Members will receive referrals from us when we identify opportunities that match their preferences.   Want to schedule an intake interview for your business?  Contact us today!

The 100 People Who Care Campaign

Started locally in 2017 by Chamber Past Chair Michael Nitz, the 100 People Who Care Campaign was adopted by the Chamber on February 1, 2019 and aims to provide a way for individuals to commit to helping local charities in a fun and effective way.  The program is entirely local; it accepts donations from local people and donates 100% of the funds raised to a local charity.  The Chamber is pleased to donate this service to the community as part of our Charity Connect program and charges no fees for campaign administration.

Each participant commits to donating $100 every quarter ($400/year).  The group meets once a quarter to nominate and vote on a local charity initiative, and the pooled money is donated to the winning charity. Reaching the goal of 100 people would mean $10,000 donated to a charity each quarter, for a total of $40,000 donated every year.

Although it’s called “100 People” Who Care, there’s no limit to the number of people who can participate. We know there are more than 100 people who care in Thunder Bay.

Learn more about the TBay 100 People Who Care campaign here.

A Tier of Membership Designed Just for Charities

Charity Connect is an entry-level Membership created for registered charities with under 25 staff looking to work closely with the business community.  In addition to all the benefits of our Connect-level Membership, Charity Connect includes features like an enhanced Directory Listing and a searchable Registered Charities category, a free Member Profile and a free yearly eBlast.  Learn more about the Charity Connect Membership here.

Charity Connect @Charity Events

One of the best ways to build connections between supporters and the charities that make Thunder Bay stronger is old-fashioned, hands-on, personal experience.  Charity Connect events provide opportunities for charities to host groups of Chamber Members on their premises for activities that support the charity and give attendees an insider view of how the organization works.  Attendees can participate in a fun activity, get to know the charity, and network with like-minded Members.  These events will be promoted through the Chamber’s event calendar, our weekly eNews and our Facebook events.