Work Well, Live Well 7 of 7: Resilience Micro-steps

Apr 15, 2022 | Business Resources

Work Well, Live Well 7 of 7: Resilience Micro-steps

Apr 15, 2022 | Business Resources

The great disruption of 2020 taught us many lessons, human nature is to forget what was learned and move onto the next event. Each of us have been stretched in many ways, which is why having a resilience toolkit to continually evaluate and adapt is crucial to living and working well. The capacity to manage everyday stressors while staying healthy, adapting, learning from setbacks, and preparing for future challenges proactively is one of the many definitions of resilience. The Resilience at Work model outlines a complimentary set of measures that are inter-related, not linear, scientifically researched, and consider all aspects of resilience – physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual (purpose and values).   

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