Our current strategic plan was approved by the Board of Directors on January 11, 2022.

Mission Statement

Together, we are the catalyst for a stronger business community.

Vision Statement

Position business to grow and prosper together.


The Chamber will:

  • Act with honesty, trust & integrity
  • Keep our Members’ interests first
  • Be non-partisan and transparent
  • Behave in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Consider diversity to be an advantage

Strategic Intent: Advocacy

Advocating for a stronger business climate.


  • Government recognition, attention and interaction
  • Local media coverage of issues raised
  • Member interaction, engagement and feedback

Evaluation Plan

Qualitative measurements (not numbers)

  • Survey feedback on issues addressed
  • Member feedback tracking

Quantitative measurements (numbers)

  • Reports/Papers/Letters on issues of concern 
  • Number of meetings and correspondence with Government officials 
  • Economic indicators (ie: TB Ventures report, etc)

Strategic Initiatives

1. Advocacy issues that align to member needs.

Key Considerations:
– Does this negatively affect our competitiveness?
– What is the magnitude of impact on local business and economy?
– Do our members consider this a priority?

2. City of Opportunity:  Visionary LeadershipEconomic Opportunity andQuality of Life

3. Identifying and communicating ways that the municipality can support business and economic growth whether through policy, taxation or efficiency measures.

Strategic Intent: Engagement

Connecting business to each other and the community.


  • Event participation
  • Online/social media participation
  • Membership retention

Evaluation Plan

Qualitative measurements (not numbers)

  • Feedback and suggestions from members

Quantitative measurements (numbers)

  • Increase in number of members (people) participating in registered events
  • Increase in number of companies participating in registered events

Strategic Initiatives

1.  Develop new or enhanced opportunities for engagement between members (free and fee-based).

  • Consider the needs of a diverse demographic ie young professionals, women, Indigenous & new arrival entrepreneurs.

2.  Member surveys to identify what is needed to support businesses through recovery

3. Member discussion forums to share opportunities and obstacles while brainstorming solutions with like-minded business people. Opportunity for Chamber staff match with the people, programs and ideas to support success

4.  Marketing campaign to promote the value of Chamber Membership

  • To enhance awareness among diverse groups
  • To remind current Members of all that we offer

Strategic Intent: Empowerment

Providing tools and opportunities that strengthen and inspire members.


  • Members are aware of Chamber resources
  • Members refer Chamber resources to other businesses

Evaluation Plan

Qualitative measurements (not numbers)

  • Awareness and use of M2M programs (anecdotal)

Quantitative measurements (numbers)

  • Attendance at learning events
  • Number of complimentary members (start-ups) who become paying, active members
  • Number of aligned partner events

Strategic Initiatives

1. Provide learning opportunities that support business growth.

  • webinars
  • online resources
  • consider the needs of a diverse demographic ie young professionals, women, Indigenous & new arrival entrepreneurs

2. Provide resources that support Anti-Racism & Inclusion efforts in business community

3. Enhanced discount programs to save Member businesses and their employees money.

4. Choose TBay First campaign to promote the benefits of supporting local businesses and highlight the stories of our local business community

5. Small Business Support expansions via CCC SME Institute including small business data lab, Chamber community platform, Small business access pass, Digitization, and training/consulting offerings

Regional Support Initiative

Engage with regional Chambers to identify ways that the Thunder Bay Chamber can support businesses within their communities either through direct support to the local Chamber through partnership/collaboration or through direct Chamber connection with regional businesses where the local Chamber has ceased operation.

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