The SHIFT Young Professionals Network is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce that strives to bring the under 40 demographic together to socialize, mobilize, and realize personal, professional, and community development by supporting young professionals in fulfilling their goals while making a positive impact in the community.

SHIFT is an incredibly diverse group of young people representing many professions and backgrounds. From business owners, entrepreneurs and trades people; to students, health specialists, and government employees, the uniqueness and connectedness of SHIFTers sets us apart. Every SHIFTer shares a common value that we believe in what’s next for Thunder Bay and we want to help drive the community forward.


Participate in social activities with fellow SHIFTers. Meet new people and connect on a personal and professional level.


Come together with like-minded individuals and put your ideas into motion. Ambition is
stronger in numbers.


Turn your dreams and goals into reality with support from SHIFT, and then pay it forward.