Candidates, under consideration, must meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • Recognition of outstanding achievement as an individual
  • Recognition of long-standing involvement in community functions and services in the interest of business
  • Member of longstanding participation on Committees and/or the Board of Directors, in the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, either as a principle or as an employee of a member firm
  • Recipient of the Charles J. Carter Lifetime Business Achievement Award.


  • Nominations are generated and reviewed by the Past Chair Committee who then pass their recommendation(s) on to the Chamber Executive.
  • The Chamber Executive will place the matter before a Directors’ Board meeting for review and ratification of approved members.
  • New Honourary members will be announced and appropriately recognized.


Brian Babcock
Wallace Bryan *
Dennis Buset
John Carrel *
Charles J. Carter *
Emerson Clow *
John M. Conrod *
P.R. (Jerry) Cook *
James Crooks *
R. (Dick) Dolphin *
Cliff Friesen
David Farrell
Jerry Gothard *
Syd Halter *

Tom E. Inglis *
Keith Jobbitt
Rebecca Johnson
Saul Laskin *
Randy Lent
Mary Long-Irwin
Eric Long
George Macey
Jack Mallon
Arleene Mapledoram *
Robert Mapledoram *
Jack Masters
Ian McCormack

Don McEwen *
Bob Prettie *
Hanna Pattyson
Ken Ridler *
B. David Ringius *
Sam J. Shaffer *
Roberta Simpson

William H. Spicer *
Barry Streib
William G. Tamblyn *
John S. Taylor *
Craig Urquhart
Uli Walther
Bernie Weiler *
Gary Woodbeck

*denotes deceased recipients