Accept Your Nomination – Looking Good Award

Accept Your Nomination – Looking Good Award

Congratulations on your nomination!

The form below includes 3 questions weighted 30 points each.  Please limit your responses to these to a maximum of 300 words each.  You will be required to upload images of your improvements for up to 10 points.

You will also be asked to upload your logo and include your social media handles, which will be used to promote your nomination.

Questions?  Contact John:

Award Description

Presented to a business or organization that has completed renovations or restored a property or building that already exists, incorporated green building materials/ processes during a build or renovation and the improvements of this property have shown a positive impact on its surrounding community.

Project to have been completed within the last 2 years. (January 2021-December 2022).  Nominees must be Members in good standing of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.