Designated Truck Route Causes Concern


Designated Truck Route Causes Concern


Streets, highways, avenues, expressways: our roads are vitally important links that help us move goods and people from one place to another.  In recent weeks, the transportation of goods has become a hot button issue in our community because of proposed changes to the allowable usage of roads within city limits.

City Council is considering a new by-law that would restrict vehicles of over 15,000 kg to a designated route rather than the current by-law which identifies certain roads that do not allow heavy traffic.  The designated route by-law approach identifies roads and parts of roads that trucks are allowed to use (see DTR by-law with map link below) and makes it illegal for a truck to use any other roads that are not designated except where an exemption applies (ie: for delivering or receiving goods, etc).

The proposed designated route would require transports, dump trucks, pulp trucks and other heavy vehicles to utilize what is locally known as the Shabaqua extension for travel in and out of the city to and from western destinations.  Should the new by-law be adopted, heavy trucks will no longer be permitted to use Arthur Street between Hwy 61 & Hwy 17 or Dawson Road/Hwy 102 to Hwy 17 as their travel routes.

In consideration of concerns raised by Chamber members, City Council has deferred their discussion of the by-law to allow additional consultation with the business community.  The Chamber is working with City Administration to host a consultation session that will provide an opportunity for impacted businesses to learn more about the proposed changes and to express concerns or ask questions about the by-law as follows:

Designated Truck Route Consultation
Thursday, May 25th
8:00am – 9:30am
Oliver Road Community Centre


We appreciate the assistance of City Council and Administration in ensuring that business is consulted on this issue.  The item is expected to be brought back to Council in June.

DTR By-law with Map

Public Service Announcement – Proposed Designated Truck Route By-law Consultation

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