In Canada, consumer products, as defined in the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA), and cosmetics, as defined in the Food and Drugs Act (FDA), are not subject to pre-market approval. Industry is responsible for ensuring that the consumer products and cosmetics they make, import, advertise, or sell are safe. The Consumer Product Safety Program (CPSP) at Health Canada promotes, monitors, verifies, and enforces compliance through relevant legislation and regulations, in order to help make sure consumer products and cosmetics available in Canada are safe.

You have responsibilities under the CCPSA if you manufacture, import, distribute, sell, advertise, test or package/label a consumer product in Canada.This guide outlines the key provisions of the CCPSA. It applies to all consumer products that may be reasonably be expected to be obtained by an individual to be used for non-commercial purposes (includes domestic, recreational and sports purposes, and includes its packaging).  The guide provides an overview of the legislation and is not intended to substitute for, supersede or limit the requirements under the legislation. Video link CCPSA

If you manufacture, prepare, preserve, pack, store, import, distribute, or sell cosmetic product in Canada you should be aware of your legislated responsibilities outlined by the Food and Drugs Act and the Cosmetic Regulations. All cosmetics sold in Canada must be safe to use and must not pose any health risk. 

Product safety makes good business sense. An unsafe product in the marketplace is bad news for consumers and businesses. Unsafe products create negative public perception and shaky consumer confidence. Product recalls are costly and disruptive for industry. The Acts and their regulations guide industry to a common goal – to keep unsafe products out of the market.

For further information, contact your Regional Product Safety Office at 1-866-662-0666 or 416-973-1748.

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