The Policy and Advocacy Committee supports the achievement of the Chamber’s strategic objectives by:

  • Identifying issues at all levels of government that affect the local business community;
  • Informing and educating Chamber members regarding policy issues and initiatives;
  • Developing informed/evidence-based policy recommendations and/or resolutions as required, including for consideration at the annual meetings of the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce; and
  • Providing support for the Chamber in advocating to Federal, Provincial and Municipal government.

The Board of Directors must approve any policy position before it is considered adopted by the Chamber.

When evaluating issues for the establishment of Chamber policy or a Chamber position on an issue, the Committee will consider the following:

  • The impact of an issue on the local economy.
  • The need to provide objective and timely information to all levels of government to assist in their decision making.
  • The need to impact more than one Chamber member.


Meetings of the Policy and Advocacy Committee are held as needed to address issues in a timely manner.

– Last Updated September, 2016