The Education, Training & Skills Development Task Force fosters dialogue, promotes initiatives, recommends and implements strategies that create awareness and facilitates active engagement between representatives of educational institutions and the business sector in Thunder Bay. The Task Force also serves to provide advice to Chamber administration on member training & skills development opportunities.

Resources & Finances

The Taskforce will provide its own resources for keeping minutes. Meeting notices will be distributed through the Chamber office. Funding for any/all activities will require pre-approval from the Board of Directors.


  1. Advance the education, training and development of businesses, organizations and individuals in order to enhance the economic development of Thunder Bay and region.
  2. Support career oriented programming (such as internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing and other activities) that will create a job for every citizen and support the continued establishment of a skilled labour force in the region.
  3. Review, monitor and discuss employment, labour and workplace legislation as it relates to education and training; assist in the identification of current and potential regional issues; and forward recommendations and strategies to the Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce pertaining to such developments.
  4. Educate, inspire, promote and encourage the citizens of Thunder Bay to value free enterprise, understand the role of business and economics, and to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills. This includes facilitating the sharing of knowledge between the business leaders of today and the business leaders of tomorrow.
  5. Develop well researched and balanced positions on education and training issues that are relevant to the business community.
  6. Coordinate the selection and recommendation process of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Scholarships.

Task Force Membership & Responsibilities

There is no limit to the number of members on this Task Force.

Any representative of educational institutions/agencies in Thunder Bay and any individual from within the membership of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce can be a member of the Committee. Invitations for membership will be offered by the Chair of the Task Force.

At least one representative on the Task Force shall be a member of the Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce. This individual will act as a liaison between the Task Force and the Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.

One member of the Task Force shall be an employee of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce. This person’s role is to act as a liaison between the Task Force and the staff of the Chamber of Commerce.


Taskforce Chair

The Taskforce shall (annually) elect two Co-Chair from within its membership. One Vice-Chair will also be elected.


The Taskforce may create subtaskforces who shall report to the Taskforce.

Terms of Reference

Will be reviewed on an annual basis and amended as required. The Education Committee will continue to exist at the approval of the Board of Directors.


Copies of the minutes from each meeting shall be forwarded to the Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce. Annually, the Taskforce’s Strategic Plan will be forwarded to the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Conflict of Interest

The Taskforce will be governed by the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Conflict of Interest policy.

Meeting Schedule

The Taskforce shall meet monthly between September and June.

Prior to meetings, there will be a formal call for agenda items with the agenda and meeting materials circulated in advance.

It is the Chair’s responsibility to arrange for the taking of meeting minutes and developing agendas.

Contact us if you’d like to join this Task Force.