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Chamber Logos

Proper Use of the Chamber Logo

The images available for download below have been approved for the use of Members and partners of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.  Please adhere to to the following usage guidelines.


Vertical & Horizontal Formats

When using the Chamber logo, always use an approved logo file. Never try to recreate the logo yourself. If you need to re-size the logo, always constrain proportions by locking the aspect ratio, so the height and width are scaled together.

The logo is supplied in both the traditional vertical layout as well as a horizontal version.  Please use the horizontal version only when necessary for fit.


Clear Space & Minimum Size 

Whenever you use the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce logo, it should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility and impact. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone.

When this logo is used in any context, there must be a margin of space left surrounding the logo equal to the current height of the T.

The horizontal version of the logo must be displayed at a minimum size of one inch (print) or 72 pixels wide (web).  The vertical version of the logo must be displayed at a minimum size of one inch (print) or 72 pixels tall (web).

minsize-vert minsize-horiz

backgroundsColour & Backgrounds

The colour version of the Chamber logo is reserved for Chamber use and by special request only.  Members and Partners may use the black or white versions of the Chamber logo available below.

A black logo is to be used on white or light backgrounds.  A white logo is to be used over black, dark grey, rich colours or images.



Logo Downloads

All .png files available below include transparent backgrounds.  .jpg files include black or white backgrounds behind the logo.

Black Logo – Vertical
Black Logo –
White Logo – Vertical
White Logo –
TBCC-logo-BLACK_vertical_WEB TBCC-logo-BLACK_horizontal_WEB TBCC-WHITElogo_vertical_WEB TBCC-logo_white_hor_WEB
Web Resolution  png  |  jpg  png  |  jpg  png  |  jpg  png  |  jpg
Print Resolution png  |  jpg png  |  jpg png  |  jpg png  |  jpg

Please contact the Chamber of Commerce at (807) 624-2626 or with questions or to request the use of any other versions of the Chamber logo.